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Julia Jordan Tie Sleeve Dress


There is something beyond spectacular about a wedding. The idea of two people vowing to love and care for each other for the rest of their lives is beautiful. Watching two people embark on the biggest journey together simply elicits positivity. It is a night which two people officially declare they found their forever soulmate. Now what do you wear to such a night? Whether it is a big wedding or small wedding, whether you are very close to the bride or groom or not as close, you always need to dress your best. There is always an ideal perfect dress waiting to be found by you. Your choices range based on the size of the wedding, your role at the wedding, as well as the time of year. Nonetheless, there is a perfect dress out there. Below are helpful tips on finding that perfect dress!


What to wear to a big formal wedding?

If the wedding you are invited to is a formal wedding, subsequently, your dress should be formal as well. The bride and groom have dedicated so much to make this night spectacular and therefore if they want a formal wedding, you should show up wearing your very best.  A sophisticated solid colored dress that hits below the knees is a great choice, also longer maxi length dress in delicate fabric would complement the setting.

What to wear to a small wedding?

If you are invited to a small wedding, you may think to yourself that because there won’t be a lot of people there that is casual and informal, but that might not be the case. If you are invited to a small wedding, a wedding with not many guests, then you must mean a lot to the bride and groom. With small weddings, each guest is typically valued greatly, which is what earned them an invite. So now what do you wear to this wedding, that may not be so big and fancy, but still important? A polished look in a midi dress.  A dress which is both elegant and chic. The pictures below are exactly that. It is the ideal wedding dress for wedding during any season as it comes in a large variety of colors. This dress is certainly beautiful.

 What to wear to a close friend/family wedding?

If your close friend or your family is getting married, your dress is certainly important. You will be in many pictures with them, so no matter the size of the wedding, a beautiful dress is a must! A maxi dress instantly enhances the dress and should be worn. A nice maxi tiered dress, or a dress with ruffle details can certainly be great! If this is a spring or summer wedding floral dresses are spectacular. If this is a fall or winter wedding, sequin dresses are beyond wonderful! 

What to wear to a spring/summer wedding?

We have already established that the happiest moments and the most enjoyable events of the year are weddings. On top of that spring and summer are arguably the best times of the year. Happiness looms the air with the hot weather lifting everyone’s energy and spirit. Now what’s better than a spring or summer wedding? There is truly nothing better than a beautiful ceremony in magnificent weather; than an “I Do” under the beaming sun. But what do you wear to this picture-perfect event? 

Spring and summer call for all the fun colors one has been dying to wear during the gloomy winter. A beautiful fuchsia, turquoise, yellow, and other beautiful light and bright colors fit the mood perfectly. Having fun with floral prints is also perfect for a spring or summer guest of wedding dress. Take advantage of the hot weather and the perfect time for all these bright fun colors!

What to wear to a fall or winter wedding?

The fall and winter may be dark and gloomy, but that does not mean there aren’t beautiful dresses out there for these wonderful weddings. During the fall and winter, there are many darker shaded dresses with subtle pops of color that are most certainly perfect for a wedding. The dresses below still embrace some sort of floral fun, but provide a fall look with darker undertones. Paired with a gorgeous pump and a cute handbag, you are all set for a wedding.

 There are many different guests of wedding dress looks. Many factors play into what the perfect dress for the wedding is. Such an important night calls for a beautiful dress to be worn! Hope you enjoy these tips on how to find the perfect dress!


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